3 Injured in Crash Possibly Caused by Past Animosity Between Drivers

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SACRAMENTO -- Twisted metal - all that remains after a terrifying crash that slammed onto Sacramento streets and flew off of them right into a part of Capitol Casino.

"Off the ground ... we completely seen the car come up off the ground and fly in between the tree and the no parking sign. She was up off the ground and turned sideways and slammed right into the side gate," said eyewitness Cindy Reece.

That's just some of the scary show Reece caught Thursday afternoon while sitting with friends at the corner of Basler and 16th streets - the impact pulling and bending a red Honda's windshield like the bellows of an accordion.

Reece says there was nothing unusual about the commute until ...

"This little red car was coming from the second lane and a big white SUV smacked her really hard ... the SUV, she took off after she hit her," said Reece.

"She hit her and she went flying up ... 16th Street like you're going toward the 160 freeway ... When we saw what happened we all got up and ran over there to help her. There was three ladies and a baby in that car. The driver she seemed to be OK but I was mainly worried about that baby that was in that car."

Relatives say the baby, two-year-old Anthony Jimenez was in the car with his mother Laura Duncan and his cousin, the driver, Alexandria Luna of Sacramento.

All were taken to U.C. Davis Medical Center.

"The police officer I spoke to said that it was a good thing the baby was in the right car seat," said Reece.

Police aren't commenting on how or why the crash may have happened, but Reece says she heard from someone inside the hit Honda that it was anything but an accident.

"The driver of the SUV she did this purposely," said Reece. "The aunt herself told me she did this purposely that the driver of the SUV goes by the girl's house flattens her tires and everything."

Police aren't confirming any past tension between the drivers involved, but they do say the women did know each other.

Family members weren't able to update FOX40 on the conditions on those hurt in the wreck Thursday night but Sacramento Fire said the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The suspected SUV driver, 19-year-old Diana Mendiola, was later arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

(Photo Courtesy: Sacramento Police Department) Diana Mendiola, 19

(Photo Courtesy: Sacramento Police Department) Diana Mendiola, 19



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