Kid Who Battled Lymphoma Gives Back to the Community That Supported Him

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After months of hand-to-hand combat with T-cell lymphoma, one little boy is almost well enough to go back to school in Galt.

But before enjoying his favorite class—social studies—Timmy Schroeder wanted to do something to give back to the community that's supported him.

"I think it's amazing everyone's coming here to help raise money for cancer and to find a heal for it," the 10-year-old told FOX40.

Acting on the side of good for today, Storm Troopers and others from Star Wars stepped off the big screen to kick off Timmy's Community Day. Families could enjoy good food, good music and a bounce-house bonanza at Liberty High School.

Timmy's mom Anngela Schroeder wanted nothing less for those who've helped them with a life and death fight.

"It's been a challenge. It's really been a challenge," she said as tears welled up in her eyes. "We really had to pull deep on our faith and our friends and our family. It's really brought us closer. But it's difficult 'cause we weren't expecting it. It's just a fluke out of the blue—no symptoms. He just... was diagnosed."

All entrance fees paid for this party will be donated to the Kaiser Pediatrics Unit in Roseville, the place that treated Timmy.

The Make-A-Wish foundation used Timmy's present to the community to give him a present.

He and his brothers, along with mom and dad, are going to Disney World and then on to a Disney cruise.

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