Senior Apartment Residents Displaced After Fire Leaves Them Without Power

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SACRAMENTO -- Visitors to one building of Hurley Creek Senior Apartments this afternoon would have found people with bags packed and heading out for the weekend. It’s not unusual on a Friday evening, but the residents at Hurley Creek Senior Apartment weren’t heading for leisurely getaway.

More than a dozen seniors are out of their homes after an electrical fire at their apartment complex caused their power to be shut off for days. Now the residents complain their apartment management isn’t doing enough to help them.

“They told me I could either stay in my apartment or said I could pay for a hotel that’s not fair,” resident Esther Kenoly told FOX40.

Residents of the Natomas complex tell FOX40 they called 911 at about 5:40 p.m. yesterday evening after strange sights and sounds caught their attention.

Fire fighters arrived to find an apparent electrical fire near the power meters. The electricity was shut off for safety reasons, and residents say they weren’t given any resources to get through the night.

“They didn’t do anything for us last night," 83-year-old Brenda Hall said. "We could have done with some food, and nobody came—the manager didn’t come."

Twenty-four hours later, they were still without power or options. Several say the conditions in their apartments were unbearable. They had no choice but to spend the day in the complex’s air conditioned clubhouse.

FOX40 went to the apartments attempting speak with Ken Gunn, a representative from Anton Development who manages the complex. In response to FOX40’s request for comment, he slammed the door in the face of field crews.

Although Gunn didn’t want to talk, another company spokesperson did—to the displaced residents. Around 5 p.m., residents started getting calls from the company, telling them they would be put up at area motels through the weekend.

For some, however, that's not nearly enough.

“Some of these people are on oxygen," Adrienne Cherry said. "I have Sickle cell, I’m not going out to some truck stop motel at this time of day."

Residents say they were told they won’t be reimbursed for food lost in their refrigerators or for food they’ll need to purchase while displaced.

FOX40 contacted the public relations firm that represents Anton Development, which provided this statement:

"Yesterday, Thursday, there was a minor electrical fire at Hurley Creek Senior Apartments in Sacramento.

This affected 16 of the 208 units on the property. There was no significant damage to any part of the building.

Upon being notified of this, we immediately pulled electricians and team members from another company project to tend to the Hurley Creek issue.
We have offered anyone in the affected units to stay in several nearby hotel accommodations at our expense.

The Fox News broadcast affiliate in Sacramento notified us today, Friday, of their less than then [sic] positive experience with Hurley Creek onsite management. For this, we sincerely apologize."

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