Woman Says Man Took Inappropriate Photos of Her at Target

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SACRAMENTO -- An Elk Grove woman says she was the victim of a man taking “upskirt” photos while she was shopping at Target. She says she’s speaking out to help keep other women from becoming victims.

Stephanie Slinkard did have a shopping list when she entered a South Sacramento Target late Sunday morning. Still, she found herself doing what so many love, browsing housewares for things she didn’t particularly need.

However, Slinkard tells FOX40 it wasn’t long before she noticed someone else who didn’t have a good reason to be going down those aisles.

“From the first aisle, I just felt this thing,” said Slinkard.

Slinkard said a strange man followed her from towels to shower curtains to window dressings.

She said she momentarily lost track of him while inspecting items she really needed but then nearly ran right into him.

“I spun to go and he was like right here, right at my legs, crouching down with his cell phone on selfie mode, I could see the phone looking at the ceiling and the lights,” said Slinkard.

Slinkard estimates the man was less than a foot from her.

“I said, ‘Were you just taking a picture under my dress?’ He said ‘No, do you know where the towels are?’” said Slinkard.

She admits at first she wasn’t sure what to think about what happened, but his response assured her she hadn’t mistaken his intentions.

“He just didn’t miss a beat, I feel like if there was a guy who wasn’t trying to take a picture up your dress he would be like flabbergasted that you’re asking him this,” said Slinkard.

A manager at Target confirmed to FOX40 they are aware of the incident and are trying to track down the man in question.

As of 5 p.m., they hadn’t yet identified the person responsible, though it appears there are security cameras that cover the aisle where Slinkard reports the interaction took place.

She has nothing but good things to say about the staff at Target's response to the incident, but Slinkard said she certainly won’t look at her leisurely Sunday shopping the same way again.

“Having someone take a picture up my dress is something that never crossed my mind that I need to be on the lookout for, apparently it is,” said Slinkard.

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