Report: ‘Inadequate Transportation System’ Costing Sacramento Drivers Thousands

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A newly released report by the National Transportation Research Group - a non-profit based in Washington D.C. states that Sacramento area drivers are spending an extra $2,270 dollars a year because of an "inadequate transportation system."

The 24-page report breaks down the costs into three categories:

  • Cost of Operating a vehicle
  • Safety
  • Congestion

The cost of operating a vehicle takes into consideration, repair costs, accelerated depreciation.

The calculated cost: $638.

Safety, considers traffic collisions, and the increased price of insurance rates and list work productivity.

The calculated cost: $674.

Congestion means traffic, and the time spent in it creates more fuel consumption, and lost productivity.

The calculated cost: $958.

Sacramento County Official are hoping Measure B - a half cent sales tax - will help combats the issues in the report in order to fix the infrastructure.