Video Shows Man Attacking Turlock Sikh Temple Congregants With a Baton

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TURLOCK -- A man in Turlock was arrested Thursday after victims said he attacked them with a baton on Thursday at the Sikh Temple on Fifth Street.

In cell phone video obtained by FOX40, a man with a baton in his right hand allegedly yells profanity in Punjabi at Zorawar Sandhu and other members of Sikh Temple.

Sandhu, told FOX40 that the man, Sukhjit Dhillon, yelled "You know you’re going to get [shot] one day. I can do this… I’m going to do to your mother."

The Turlock Police Department said their officers were called around 5 p.m. on Thursday after Boota Basi called 911 claiming Dhillon attacked and made violent threats to congregants.

"By the time we go outside he was, he was trying to hit with [a member of the temple] with the weapon, and he left,” Basi told FOX40.

Basi explained when he called the police, Dhillon got in his pickup truck then drove off. Officers caught up with him on Lander Avenue and arrested the 58-year-old for assault with a deadly weapon and making terrorists threats.

FOX40 spoke with Dhillon over the phone, the day after he bailed out. He couldn’t meet with us in person, but he did say that all he wants to do is stop the violence.

This isn’t the first time violence erupted in the temple.

FOX40 first reported in January about a brawl that resulted in dozens of injuries and some arrests. The violence, members said, stems from a years-long fight for who will lead the temple.

A struggle, the men said, will end on August 27 when their congregation will vote for new leaders.

"Whoever you want to choose, choose," Harsimran Singh, a Director of Board Candidate, said. "There’s going to be a process, election process. We believe in democracy, we believe in a democratic way of elections,”

Members with the temple said they will have added security during their election day to keep the peace.