Friends, Family Remember Stockton Officer Killed in Hit-and-Run

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Stockton police Officer Justin Kepler was off-duty Saturday night. He was riding his motorcycle near Escalon when he was hit and killed by an unidentified driver.

Fellow police officers, friends and family are grieving following his death.  Justin's brother described him as a funny man who was a hard worker.

There are the memories that only an older brother would have.

"He was the playful goofy one. Kinda surprised everyone when he became a cop. He was a real soft-spoken shy one, the real nice one," said Justin Kepler's older brother, Kyle.

They were best friends, roommates and fellow officers in blue and tan.

"He worked very hard. He made [field training officer] very quick. And then just last month, he became their DUI enforcement car, " Kyle said.

Perhaps a destiny fulfilled, following the footsteps of their dad, Terry, before them, who was a San Jose police officer.

"I think my dad would be really proud of him. I know I am," Kyle said.

Aside from Justin and Kyle, their other brother, Cody is an officer as well.

Close friend and fellow officer Kathryn Abdallah says Justin was very humble and lighthearted when it came to his accomplishments on the job.

"Justin was a very funny guy and always liked to make everyone laugh and joke around. So I know that's what he'd want us to do right now," Abdallah said.

The day of the crash, the brothers did just that -- enjoying time together with their friends.

"Me making fun of him, for something, like a brother, probably his dumb haircut, something like that," Kyle with a chuckle.

But for those who didn't know Justin, Kyle wants them to know his brother was a good person.

"The stuff that I want people to know, is that my brother was just a genuinely good guy. He got the job 'cause he wanted to keep people safe, because he wanted to make a difference," he said.

"He had a genuinely good heart, and he was a good guy, and that he just didn't deserve this."