Good Samaritan Steps in After Yuba City Officer is Assaulted During Arrest

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YUBA CITY -- It wasn't the accident on Queens and Gray avenues in Yuba City early Sunday morning that left two people injured, including a Yuba City police officer. But that is where it started.

"I'm so sad because that's my only car. It's the one I drive," said Gloria Mora of Yuba City.

Mora owns the car that police say got wrecked by an alleged drunken driver -- Steven Stevenson of Sacramento. But a witness told FOX40, Stevenson and his passenger, Antonio Moreno, didn't stop there.

"The passenger got out, got the driver, drug him out of the car and started walking," the man said.

He's a Yuba City man who says he saw the whole thing, and he's a key player in this story. He didn't want to be identified. You'll have a better understanding of why when you hear what happens next.

"I say 'thank you for letting me know and for helping the police, that way they could catch them,'" Mora said.

See, the witness to the wreck says he then witnessed Stevenson jump on top of the police officer who was trying to arrest him.

"I just ran over there to see if I could help out. By that time, the guy was already putting his head onto the concrete," he said.

So, Yuba City police officers say the good Samaritan tackled Stevenson, got him off the officer and got a laundry list of injuries for his trouble when Stevenson turned on him. When he spoke to FOX40 you could plainly see a goose-egg on his forehead, split lip and bloody feet and ankles.

It was enough of an effort to make time for another officer to arrive and make the arrest.

"Knocked him off," the man said. "And then he got on me and started trying to whale on me, and then I kicked him pretty good in the face. And by that time, the cop came-to and got on top of him. Yeah. I didn't know what was going to happen over there. I didn't know... It was just kind of a reaction thing."