Metro Chamber Surveys Stockton Boulevard’s Business Climate

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SACRAMENTO -- Business owners along Sacramento's Stockton Boulevard shared what worked and what needed improvement in their business corridor.

John Finnegan has owned Finnegan's Public House, a breakfast and lunch restaurant on Stockton Boulevard, for the last year and a half.

He is one of hundreds of local business owners who got a special visit from members of the Stockton Boulevard partnership and the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce Thursday. They went door to door, surveying the local business climate, and connecting owners with their civic leaders.

"You have Little Saigon on one side and UC Davis [Medical Center] on the other, so really we want to talk to the business community to see what's going right and what would they like to see different," Bill Knowlton, Board Chair of the Stockton Boulevard Partnership said.

Finnegan said most of the time, having a business on such a busy street like Stockton Boulevard is a good thing, except when his customers have a hard time finding parking. He also said vacant lots around his business often attract homeless folks. Because of that, sometimes, he is not comfortable having guests wait outside. Many of his neighboring business owners agreed.

"This part of Stockton Boulevard has a chronic homeless problem. It does make doing business here kind of difficult. We do everything we can to help the disadvantaged around here, but it's not just giving them a meal. They need more resources," Finnegan said.

Frank Louie of the Stockton Boulevard Partnership said those are just some of the valuable takeaways from the in-person survey.

"Business seems to be doing well, but he can do better. So we want to get him to that next level," Louie said.