Relatives Plead for Help Solving 36-Year-Old Cold Case

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ORANGEVALE-- Thirty-six years of heartbreak, loss and frustration for the family of an Orangevale couple.

On July 26, 1980, John and Chrisoria Billkei were stabbed to death inside their home on Donnawood Way.

Their granddaughter Debbie Carr was just a teenager. FOX40 asked her what solving this case would mean to her and her family.

"Everything," Carr said.

Carr is still tormented and devastated, wondering what happened to her grandparents, who did it and why.

Detectives say it was a brutal crime scene, with evidence there was a violent struggle between the victims and the suspect before the murders.

It's something that still haunts the people who still live on this block,

"That's just intolerable, for someone to come into your home and do something like that," said neighbor Bill Pochy.

Pochy moved across the street from the Billkeis two decades after the notorious crime but says it's something that remains fresh in the minds of many in the area.

"Who knows why or who or whatever circumstances were behind the crime. I just hope they get that person," Pochy said.

The woman who lives next door told FOX40 off camera she will never forget what happened to the Billkeis.

For Carr, the pain is just as intense as the desire to find answers to questions this family has lived with for far too long.

"We would like if they know anything about my grandparents murder to come forward so that we can all have closure and live our lives without looking over our shoulders," said Carr.

The Sheriff's Department is asking anyone with information to call detectives at (916) 874-5057.

Tips can be sent anonymously at the Sacramento Sheriff's Department website.