Vacaville Couple Arrested on Gun Charges; 200 Firearms Seized

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VACAVILLE -- Hours after state agents arrested a Vacaville couple on an array of charges relating to firearms violations, Douglas and Lori Harris were back home.

"I can just say that my wife is 100 percent innocent. She is an awesome person and everybody knows it. And that's all I can say, and neighbors will tell you the same," Douglas Harris said through a metal-screened front door.

Douglas Harris was booked on suspicion of illegal possession of an assault rifle and being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

Hours after his arrest, agents then took his wife, Lori, into custody for possession of unregistered assault rifles, and charges for allowing her husband to possess firearms and ammunition while working as a gunsmith at her gun shop, BAF Specialties on Commerce Place.

Agents raided the couple's home Wednesday morning where they say they discovered a commercially manufactured explosive device in the garage. A bomb squad from Yolo County removed it from the home.

But longtime neighbors and friends of the couple say they weren't alarmed by any of this.

"I've known them eight years since I moved to this house. I've always known them to be very, very nice people," said a female neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

Officers seized more than 200 firearms from the gun shop in Vacaville, which was closed Thursday.

Investigators say Douglas  Harris worked as a gunsmith there. But he says differently.

"My wife is. I work in the medical field," Douglas Harris said.

His next door neighbor says Douglas Harris was proficient with firearms.

"He knows everything there is to know about guns. If I ever had a question about guns or need help, he'd fix my gun. I wasn't scared at all," said Steve, Douglas Harris' next door neighbor.

According to the Department of Justice, an investigation began into the couple in early August when the Bureau of Firearms was alerted that Douglas Harris was working as a gunsmith at BAF Specialties.

Because of a felony conviction in the early 1990s for cocaine use while he served in the Air Force at Travis, Douglas Harris was discharged. The felony prohibits him from possessing firearms.

"It's not gonna change my feelings about him. I'm not gonna stop talking to him or being his friend because of what happened 24 years ago, 'cause that's not who he is now, so," Steve added.