High School Gives Students Breathalyzer Test Before Dances

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LOOMIS -- School is back in session and it's time to celebrate with back to school dances, but one Placer County high school isn't risking underage drinking at its events.

Del Oro High School will be checking each student at dances to make sure they're not drinking. They're the only school in the county with this rule.

"We had more and more students who were choosing to drink some alcohol before they came to dances," said Dan Gayaldo, Principal of Del Oro High School.

Some students are on board, "I think it's a good preventative measure to take," said senior Sabryna Diehl.

Others are not.

"We all know people who have and will get around it," said senior Marielle Toll.

Either way alcohol detection tests are part of the rules. In just one school year Del Oro Principal Dan Gayaldo said they caught 10-15 students drunk at school dances.

That stopped last year when the rule went into effect.

"We didn't have one student do it last year," said Gayaldo.

The school faced some serious opposition last year when the rule was proposed. Gayaldo said a community member contacted the grand jury to investigate because they felt it was an intrusion on their rights.

The grand jury gave the school guidelines. The students have to be aware of the test and those giving the test must be trained.

The school only tests students for alcohol when they enter the dance, not when they come out. They're not being tested for other drugs. Gayaldo said the efforts aren't foolproof, but they're doing the best they can.

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