Parking Meter Hours Extended in Downtown Sacramento

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Seeing someone pulling out of the very spot you need....exactly when you need is a miracle on just about any day.

Once the new throne for the Kings is complete - bringing a capacity crowd of 17,500 to downtown Sacramento - that kind of miracle may turn into one of biblical proportions.

"I'm dreading it...I'm really dreading it," said Evelyn Pettengell.

Part of the changes the city is making to accommodate all those who want to enjoy what'll be happening at the Golden 1 Center mean the happy hours of 6 to 10 p.m. when meter parking was free...are over.

Despite the extra hours of having to come out of pocket, Danny Singh is "really excited about."

He's excited about the new arena and the turnover on spaces city leaders have promised will happen with the new parking meter prices.

He says behavior on the streets has already been changing.

"People move their car now more frequently, so there's a lot more parking spots between 6 [p.m.] and 10 [p.m.]," he said.

Though encouraging use of public transit, the city is banking on increased revenue from the added hours, extended stay spots with escalating pricing and flat rate garage spot reservations.

But on Golden 1 event nights, there may a lot of 'Evelyns'.

"Uber or light rail....I'm not driving down here," said Evelyn Pettengell.

"If parking is either limited or expensive...then you makes sense," said Uber driver Kevin Santos-Coy.

In theory, Santos-Coy can easily see how the situation could also make dollars and sense for him, but he's not sure the new arena crowds will be as lucrative in reality.

"If there's a big event going on and there may be gridlock. I  try to stay out of the gridlock," he said.

When asked  about that gridlock possibly making him a lot  of money, Santos-Coy said, " well not really...if you're not moving...when Arco arena was going on...traffic would clear within an hour and then typically you might like only get one ride."

During the first few weeks of the new parking meter hours, warning tickets will be written for those who forget to pay.

When that grace period ends, you'll find the real thing under your windshield wiper.

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