Raiders Tickets Meant for Fundraising Stolen from Lincoln Youth League

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LINCOLN -- Youth sports aren't cheap. Uniform and registration fees are just some things parents of athletes pay for.

"We try not to burden the parents entirely with all that by fundraising," said Steve Jacobs, President of the Lincoln Jr. Zebras.

The Lincoln Junior Zebras launched its yearly fundraiser Wednesday. The league sells Oakland Raiders tickets to offset the program costs for football players and cheerleaders. The league had about $3,400 on the day the fundraiser started in a cash box and now, they have nothing.

"People just take whatever they want when they want it and it's not OK," said mom and league board member Amanda Henry.

League president Steve Jacobs said someone snuck into his garage on Leiper Loop in Lincoln early Thursday morning and stole the cash box, which was inside his car.

"This is probably the worst thing that's happened to our league," said Jacobs.

Along with the money, the thief also took the remaining 69 tickets. Jacobs said the Raiders voided the tickets. As for the money, he fears he may never get it back.

The Lincoln Police Department doesn't have any leads. There's no suspect information or surveillance video to help the case. The league hopes the thief has a change of heart.

"That would be the dream if it just came back to where it was taken and we could just go about our stuff but I don't know if that would happen," said Henry.

For now the league relies on other fundraisers and sales at their football games to bring in extra money. They said making up what they lost will be tough.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to contact the Lincoln Police Department.

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