The Sights, Sounds and Stars of SacAnime

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SACRAMENTO -- It's a showcase of eye-catching trinkets, artwork and cosplayers -- SacAnime is here!

You may even get a glimpse of one your childhood idols, like the cast from Power Rangers Turbo.

"Twenty years later, check us out, we're still hanging out. We're still doing these conventions. I Love it. It's a beautiful thing. It's a blessing it really is," Roger Velasco said. He portrayed the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo.

Celebrities gave FOX40 some inside secrets on their iconic roles.

Voice actor, Roger Jackson said he really did scare Drew Barrymore as the voice behind the killer, “Ghostface” in the movie, Scream.

"I'm playing the scene live, with the other actors, on the phone with them, trying to scare them," Jackson said.

FOX40 also chatted with Dante Basco, best known for his role as Rufio in the film, "Hook."

"That particular job, I actually booked after one audition, because that totally never happens," Basco said. "And Steven (Spielberg) just said out of all the kids they auditioned, I was the only one that scared him, which was cool."

He was hand-chosen by the Oscar-winning director for the role.

These A-list celebrities said going to these conventions helps them stay relevant and connect with their fans.

"Our generation, the most famous people in the world were Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna. When they stood in front of you, they didn't seem real because that's how famous they were. Where now, the more famous you get, the more accessible you are," Basco said.

"We do these shows all around the world. We get to go out and meet our fans. It's an honor, a true blessing. And we enjoy doing it," Blake Foster said.

He portrayed the youngest ever Ranger as the Blue Ranger in Power Ranger Turbo.

"Meeting all the fans, Sacramento, come out and say 'Hi.' I want to see you, shake your hand, and take some pictures," Selwyn Ward, the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo, invited.

SacAnime goes on until Sunday. Tickets range from $20 dollars to $50.

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