Families Call for End to Violence in Stockton After 1 Teen Killed, 1 Hurt in Shooting

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STOCKTON -- A lone candle stood near the site where a 16-year-old was gunned down and another teen was wounded on Sunday afternoon.

Jeannie Riddick, a relative of the dead teen, said the family is devastated.

“Very sad, and in fact it was my daughter’s side of the family… so very devastating,” Riddick said.

The boy’s death is one of many in the past two years in Stockton.

Sick of tragedy after tragedy, the families of the victims are asking for an end to the violence.

"A lot of people are afraid to speak about what’s going on or what they’ve seen or … they’re afraid to say anything within our very own black community,” Riddick said.

"We have to break the silence, we have to let people know that we’re not afraid to speak up. If you see something, say something,” Jessica Sewell of Stockton explained.

For Sewell, the death hits close to her heart. Her son, 17-year-old Juwan, was gunned down in December 2015.

His murder remains unsolved.

"Was not affiliated with any type of gangs, any type of illegal activity in our community. He was a student athlete, he was excited about graduating high school in May,” Sewell said.

Sewell and Riddick are both members of Stockton Angel Mothers, a group that helps grieving families. Both women say teens need hope, need activities, and most of all, they need guidance.

"Let them know that they are valued, they are loved, and that we care. And not only as a parent but as a community,” Sewell said.

"It really starts with outreach into our community, awareness,” Riddick told FOX40.

The Stockton Police Department says they don’t the motive behind Sunday’s shooting, but they did say gang activity might be a factor.

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