Family’s Irreplaceable Items, Car Stolen from Welfare Office

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Who would steal a car with handicap plates, parked in a handicap spot, in front of a welfare office?

"You are, pretty much at the lowest of the low that you can get ... Rock bottom has a basement, and I'm living there right now," said North Highlands resident Krystle Chess.

Well, that's exactly what happened to her and her two kids nearly two weeks ago during a visit to the Department of Human Assistance.

"As of right now, I don't have anything to return to. It's just been one hit after another," she said.

Add one more big hit,  during that office visit, Krystle's lost her car keys, and after searching for them several times...

"I start walking around to look on the ground, and next thing I know, my daughter's screaming at the top of her lungs. 'Mom our car's gone. The car's not there.'"

As the tears started to flow, Krystle thought of her kids' new backpacks for school, filled with school supplies that were inside their car.

But something even more valuable to her, which can't be replaced was also gone -- a stuffed white bear with pink wings that was attached to the dashboard.

It belonged to Krystle's mom, who called it her guardian angel. Krystle says it was their guardian angel too.

"Now ever since my mom passed away, it's kinda like, it's her too, you know?"

After FOX40 checked with the CHP, we had some good news to share with Krystle.

Officers found her car Friday, and it appears to be in good condition.

"Oh my God, did they really? " Krystle responded, as the tears streaked her cheeks. "Thank you so much. I thought I was never... I thought I was doomed."

But the bear the family loved so deary wasn't in the car.

"Look around, if you see it. Even if it's dirty, and it looks gross, just pick it up or just call me, tell me where you saw it and I'll pick it up," she said.

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