9/11 Survivor Shares His Story on 15th Anniversary of Tragic Attack

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The images many saw from work or home on September 11, 2001 are what Stanley Praimnath lived through.

"What I saw was a giant plane coming towards me [at] eye level—eye contact," said survivor Stanley Praimnath.

Praimnath worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. He was on the 81st floor when United Airlines flight 175 crashed through the building.

He survived after being rescued by Brian Clark, both of whom were just two of four survivors from above the south tower impact zone.

"The floor above me caved in the only desk I'm hiding under stood firm and everything else was demolished," he said.

Praimnath's physical and mental recovery after the attacks wasn't easy. He credits his faith for helping him pull through. But 15 years later, it's still difficult to deal with.

"When this time of the year comes, it's raw. It's like opening up the same wound over and over and over," he said.

Praimnath can't watch videos of the plane striking the tower, because he lives with those memories everyday. Instead, he shares his experience for people struggling with their own issues.

"My quest to bring healing to myself is helping others to heal as well."