Two Men Arrested in Double Murder Cold Case of Two Girls

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YUBA COUNTY-- In November 1973, the murder of two girls, 13-year-old Doris Derryberry and 12-year-old Valerie Lane, shocked the small town of Olivehurst.

"Both girls had been killed by close-range shotgun wounds and there was indication one of the girls had been sexually assaulted," said Yuba County Sheriff Steve Durfor.

After years of pain and questions, on Tuesday, Durfor and District Attorney Patrick McGrath announced arrests in the case, four decades later.

The suspects are William Lloyd Harbour and Larry Don Patterson, both 65 years old.

They were 22 at the time of the murders.

Sheriff Durfor says they're cousins.

The arrest comes a few years after detectives reopened the case and used new technology to identify the suspects.

"Both Patterson and Harbour had been previously arrested and imprisoned, and DNA is collected from people who go into the state prison system, so both had what we call profiles in the national DNA database," McGrath said.

Investigators say there's evidence both suspects sexually assaulted Derryberry.

Police arrested Patterson at his home in Oklahoma.

Harbour was taken into custody near his Olivehurst home, where his mother Dorothy was in disbelief.

FOX40 asked her if she believes he's capable of murder.

She said no, "He's a good guy. I don't know what's going to happen and I don't know what all they booked him for," said Dorothy Harbour.

Harbour is scheduled to appear in court at 3 p.m. in Yuba County.

Patterson will face an extradition hearing in Oklahoma.