Mailers That Look Like Official Voter Registration Paperwork Cause Confusion in El Dorado County

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PLACERVILLE -- The El Dorado County Elections Office says it has gotten dozens of voter registration documents mailed to them that complain that they had the wrong address.

The problem is they are not official county documents.

Instead they were mailed by a Washington, D.C.-based organization that purportedly seeks to register as many voters as it can before the November election.

"Most of the people are deceased or have never lived at the address," said Voter Registrar William Schultz.

He said the nasty comments to him saying the forms were a waste of money are misdirected. He said other counties have had similar complaints.

The mailers imply that if people don't register, they will be contacted again to make sure they do. Schultz said voting is encouraged by him, but people are free to make up their own minds if they want to register.

The complaints are so numerous that Secretary of State Alex Padilla sent a warning letter telling voters that the pre-filled out registration forms are not official and no action is required.

His office contacted the Voter Participation Center and was told that their mailing program has concluded, and there will be no further mailings.

Schultz says the organization's claim on its website that 58,000 people have been registered through their mailings is probably false.

He believes that the mass mailing totaled 58,000, not the number that it registered to vote. He says 90 percent of the information in the official-looking documents was wrong.