Yuba City Teachers, District Reach Tentative Agreement 8 Days into Strike

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YUBA CITY -- The Yuba City teachers strike is over... for now.

After hours of negotiations, Yuba City Unified School District and the Yuba City Teachers' Assosication have come up with a tentative agreement for teachers' salaries. Teachers went back into their classrooms for the first time in more than a week on Monday.

"It was very tough on everyone. And people are just thrilled to have some normalcy back," YCUSD Superintendent Nancy Aaberg said.

Mother and kindergarten teacher Helen Munoz got the news at 5:30 Monday morning, just minutes after the teachers union and the Yuba City Unified School district finally reached an agreement.

"My mom hat was on first. I made sure everyone was dressed and was ready to go to school, but also excitement. Very emotional, because I miss my students. I miss my colleagues even those that are in the office that we haven't seen on a regular basis," Munoz said.

"I think it represents mutual ideas of what's important and fairness, and we are very happy," Aaberg said.

Students said it was not their first choice to stay at home for the last seven days. But now that school is back open, they said they are ready to get right back into it.

"At home, I was actually trying to keep up in my school work, and maybe get ahead a little and be prepared for when I come back today," senior Claire Oaks said.

Today was the first Oaks returned to school in seven days. At first, she said she was worried her absences would look bad for her college applications. But in the end, she decided to stay at home to support her teachers.

"I saw them all over town, all around. I wouldn't picket, but I would honk at them and cheer for them," Oaks said.

That was just what teachers like Munoz said she needed, to get through their fight.

"I'm excited to be with my students. It's terrible. You miss them. When you're a teacher, you do it because it's a passion," Munoz said.