Yuba City Teachers Vote on Tentative Agreement After Seven Days on Strike

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YUBA CITY -- After seven days on the picket lines, seven days without regular teachers in Yuba City, finally things can go back to normal.

Marathon negotiation sessions ended early Monday morning when the district and the Yuba City Teacher's Association came to an agreement.

"I would say relief that the strike can end, relief that students can go back to school, and I would say that the majority of the union was very very happy with the results," said Steve Jennings, with the Yuba City Teacher's Association.

The Teacher's Association called for a 13 percent pay increase.

The tentative agreement gives teachers an 11.1 percent increase over the course of three years.

The teacher's association says it wasn't just about the pay they also wanted to ensure teachers have a voice and to encourage experienced teachers to stay in the community.

Superintendent Nancy Aaberg is happy with the agreement.

"I think its fair, its reflective of things that the union wanted and are important tot he union and things that are important to the union so i think its kind of a fair and balanced approach," said Superintendent Aaberg.

The Teacher's Association believes the roughly 700 teachers will approve the agreement and they encourage the school board members to do the same.

"My message to the school board would be lets get this done lets move forward," Jennings said.

As of Monday night 506 teachers voted for the agreement and 15 voted against.

The School Board will vote on Wednesday.