CHP Officer on Road to Recovery After Being Purposely Run Over in April

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California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Ericson doesn't remember much from the day his life changed forever.

"I can only remember one thing that day, and that was right after I got to work," Ericson says, recalling of the day he was purposely run over by a driver. "I don't even remember getting to work, but I do remember talking to my fiance."

He remembers waking up one month later at the UC Davis Medical Center, where he was surrounded by friends and family.

In early April, the 17-year veteran pulled over on I-80 to help what he thought was a stranded driver. That driver, identified as Austin Scott, is accused of running over Ericson on purpose. Scott was later arrested in Fairfield.

"I sustained a shattered pelvis," Ericson says. "Both hips were shattered, the left hip was also dislocated, my upper right arm was shattered, my left wrist was broken. I have some internal injuries."

Despite his injuries, Ericson says he prefers not to think about Scott at all.

"One of my friends said it once, 'Do you think about revenge?'" Ericson said. "And I said no. My best revenge is for me to get back to normal, 100 percent."

Ericson spent more than two months in the hospital. Today, he's home, newly married, and getting stronger every day. He says the hardest part of this ordeal is the toll it takes on his family.

"It's hardest on my wife," he explains. "She has to pretty much care for me now, all the time."

His road to recovery isn't over, but Ericson says the outpouring of the support from the community is helping him heal.

"The public support helps out. It just does," Ericson says. "Now that I'm going through my rehab, the fact that I have 100 percent support is huge."

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