Modesto Mother Says Man Was Stalking 12-Year-Old Son

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A Modesto mother is living in fear after she said her young son was approached by a stranger three times in less than a week and nearly abducted.

Marquita Willis said it all started last Friday just outside her front door. She said her son Giovonni was taking out the trash when he said a man grabbed his arm.

The 12-year-old Giovanni fought back and got away from the man, but it Willis said it didn't stop there.

According to Giovonni, the man knocked on a bedroom window at their house the next day. Willis said her son saw the man run away.

"It's a scary thing when something is out of your control," Willis said. "I think that's what's taking over for me."

The mom of two said the worst part is what happened Wednesday. Giovanni claimed the same man was at his middle school watching him. Willis filed reports with the Modesto Police Department.

The department said they looked for the man but didn't find anyone. As their investigation continues, Willis questions why someone would do this. She said her son is very shaken up and emotional.

"I don't know why he is pinpointing my son, but this person needs to be caught immediately," Willis said. "[We need to] protect all the rest of the children out there, so this doesn't happen to someone else's family."

Giovanni described the person as a black man in his late 20s or 30s with short hair and a tongue ring.

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