Witness Recalls Kevin Johnson’s Pie Altercation

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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was pied in the face at a charity dinner Wednesday night.

“A community of people are there to support a garden. A seed for hope, so you don’t expect to have violence,” witness Bobbin Mulvaney said.

Sacramento Police said Wednesday night, Mayor Kevin Johnson was assaulted with a cream pie at “Edible Sac High Seeds of Hope,” a farm-to-fork dinner event at his Alma mater, Sacramento High School.

The suspect is 32-year-old Sean Thompson.

“It looked like he had grabbed his coat or his shoulder, pulling him towards him, and throwing the pie at the same time,” Mulvaney said.

Local restaurateur Bobbin Mulvaney was sitting at the mayor’s table. She said Thompson stuck out in the crowd because he came to the semi-formal dinner, dressed in a T-shirt. Seconds later, Thompson dropped a brown paper bag close to Johnson and the children.

“I thought it could be dangerous. I don’t know. It could have had a crock pot in it. Honestly. That was my first instinct. That bag is by those children,” Mulvaney said.

She said Thompson then took out a pie, and threw it at Johnson.

Witnesses, including UFC fighter Urijah Faber said that is when the mayor defended himself.

“So we roll up to the charity event, and the Mayor KJ got attacked by some guy from the side, and he took him out. Bloodied him up and took him down,” Faber said on his Snapchat account.

“Kevin was so quick to action, he grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground, and they wrestled on the ground,” Mulvaney said.

Thompson is an active member of the Occupy Sacramento movement.

For years, he has had some public disagreements with the mayor about camping ordinances in the city.

He now has cuts and bruises to his face, and was booked into Sacramento County Jail and faces felony charges for assaulting a public official.

While some are criticizing the mayor’s actions, others commended him.

“I have a mayor that didn’t step back and hope that somebody else was going to come and take care of this. His instincts were so quick to protect the people around him,” Mulvaney said.

Thompson’s bail is set at $100,000. His first court appearance is Friday at 1:30 p.m.

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