Legalization of Marijuana: Opponents of Prop 64 to Rally at State Capitol

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SACRAMENTO -- It's a few weeks before Californians decide whether or not to legalize marijuana.

"Our youth are at risk. I have seen what it's done to my daughter," said Patricia Silva-Duran.

Mothers from Texas and Colorado are getting ready to take a stand at the state Capitol and share difficult stories about how pot affected their children.

"My son went into a psychotic episode, and he tried to kill himself when he was a freshman in high school," said Aubree Adams.

Adams lives in Colorado, where marijuana has been legal for four years.

She's trying to prevent California from following her state's lead.

"Rural Colorado is being destroyed. Ranchers are scared, wells are drying up, it's crazy what is happening out there," Adams said.

"I think the people of California need to slow down," said Sgt. Jim Gerhardt with the Colorado Drug Investigators Association.

Gerhardt is a detective in the Denver area.

After seeing the challenges Colorado has faced firsthand, he urges California to think twice before voting.

"We've just had all of the problems we've always had with marijuana times about a million," Gerhardt said.

Sacramento Mayor Elect Darrell Steinberg recently endorsed Prop 64, the adult use of marijuana act.

Steinberg says he is concerned about marijuana's health impacts but believes the solution is not prohibition.

Supporters of the measure say it will save local governments millions of dollars in legal and incarceration costs.

Also they claim the initiative's revenues will go toward research, law enforcement and youth substance abuse programs.

Carla Lowe, founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, has been fighting against marijuana legalization for years.

She helped organize a rally at the Capitol on Tuesday and vows to keep up the fight even if Prop 64 is passed.

"We will never, never never give up," Lowe said.

Tuesday's rally begins at 8:30 a.m.