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RailBridge Restaurant Shuts its Doors

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SACRAMENTO — Folks headed to Sacramento’s new arena will have one less choice on the menu when it comes to eateries downtown as family turmoil shuts the doors of RailBridge restaurant.

While crowds from the Kings’ Fan Fest kept Strings Cafe busy over the weekend, Michael Gelber’s other restaurant in the Elks Tower stood empty.

Seven months after opening and doing a thriving business, Gelber was still waiting to receive a formal, written lease.

He says he had to make a long-term decision based on preserving jobs and his good name as a restaurateur.

“We had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in that location, and we were just going to continue to be at risk to have the restaurant open.  It’s a sad situation, you know, ’cause its my wife’s father, you know, that’s doing this,” said Gelber.

The RailBridge kitchen in Elks Tower will still be used for Gelber’s catering business.

He says he’s already been contacted by two people who’re interested in having RailBridge move into their space, so you may see it return in the near future.