Clown Sightings Reported Around the Region

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MODESTO -- As dusk hit Beyer Park in Modesto, cell phone footage showed a person dressed in a black robe with bright red hair -- what many call a creep clown and what many said is an unwelcome sight.

Steven Bettencourt spoke to FOX40 on Tuesday afternoon. He claimed that he saw the clown on Monday night.

“Someone pointed it out, and we were like, ‘Oh my God. Look at that!'” Bettencourt said.

He said people chased the clown out of the park.

The costumed mystery has been spotted throughout the region, with reported sightings in Fairfield, Elk Grove, Woodland and throughout Modesto.

“People are just trying to be funny,” Modesto resident Anthony Acosta said.

A photo by Danielle Kiser had been making the rounds on Facebook.

Kiser claimed she saw a red haired clown at Vintage Faire Mall on Monday afternoon, standing right next to her friend’s car.

The Modesto Police Department said they’ve responded to several reports of clown sightings.

While the clowns have alarmed some, “I probably would have processed what I’m looking at, then I’d book it!” Modesto resident Cassidy Peacock said.

Others are unfazed.

"Wouldn’t really be affected by it,” Acosta said.

And most have said they will do their best to avoid the red-nosed stranger.

So far, no one has reported that they’ve been harmed or hurt by the clowns.

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