Loretta Sanchez Dabs in California Senate Debate, Kamala Harris Not Amused

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LOS ANGELES — The California Senate race between Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez is making history, as Republicans have been left out of the general election match-up for the first time thanks to the state’s “jungle” primary system.

But Sanchez, a congresswoman who represents California’s 46th district, made history of her own as the two women faced-off in a debate Wednesday night, becoming the first major politician to do the “dab” on a debate stage.

As the debate moderator interjected to let Sanchez know that her time is up, she continued her remarks for about 10 seconds before concluding by striking a pose that many recognized as the “dab.”

The “dab” is a dance move that was popularized by Atlanta rap group “Migos” in their 2015 single “Look at My Dab,” and has since become a dance that symbolizes victory.

Harris was clearly surprised, but not amused by the move.

“So, there’s a clear different between the candidates in this race,” Harris said with a smirk.

Her campaign later criticized Sanchez’s pose and Harris’ communication director Nathan Click tweeted that Sanchez’s dab was “as weak as the rest of her debate performance.”

Sanchez’s spokesman Luis Vizcaino confirmed on Twitter that Sanchez, indeed, meant to dab.

“And this is why Millennials support @Loretta2016 for Senate,” he tweeted.

The dab first made its way into national politics when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dabbed on “Ellen” in January, but it has been widely popular in the sports world.

The dab first made its way into football when Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill dabbed after scoring in a game against the Oakland Raiders in September 2015.

It was later popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton, who first dabbed after scoring a touchdown in a win over the Seattle Seahawks last October.

It is yet to be seen whether Sanchez’s move will set a trend in the political world.

Both of California’s current Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, whose seat Sanchez and Harris are seeking after she retires at the end of the term, endorsed Harris Thursday.

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