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Generous Owner Claims Couple She Helped Burglarized Her Salon

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STOCKTON -- Ransacked and burglarized --Jasmine Haynes said she opened up her heart and salon in Stockton to a family in need only to have her business “Jazz Hair Trends” cleaned out.

"I look around, and excuse my language, I’m like 'Oh my effin' God! My salon just got robbed.' I mean they just cleaned out my whole salon,” Haynes said.

In early October, Haynes said she met a young homeless couple on Main Street. What pulled at her heart strings was their baby who had no jacket, no warm clothes. She spoke to the mother.

"She tells me she was from foster care, and I’m like instantly, my heart dropped. I’m a (sic) help you.”

She took the family to Walmart to buy them a few things. Clothes, food, diapers, a stroller, toiletries and a duffel bag. The total tab was $220. She took pictures of the shopping trip including one of the couple with the 4-month-old. Haynes also gave them a place to stay inside her salon. But after a few days, she suggested they check out some shelters that could be an even bigger help for their little family.

"Sent them a text message 'cause I’m like OK it’s Friday now… it’s time to make a different move,” she said.

Haynes told FOX40, she didn’t hear from them.

Later that day she went to her salon and found the empty shelves.

She said the couple was nowhere to be found and neither were her salons hair product and tools.

However, they did leave some items like diapers and baby formula, and remember the duffel bag? They left that, too.

"When I go in this room I see their duffel bag of stuff that’s empty… ya’ll leave the stuff that I bought you, so basically I wasted my money and you robbed me!?” she said.

While Haynes is furious, she said she’ll continue to help those in need. Admittedly, a little differently.

“I may donate funds, I may donate clothes but you taking your butt to the shelter,” Haynes said.

Haynes has set up a GoFundMe page to help recoup her losses. She planned to file a police report on Tuesday evening.