Controversial Fliers Removed from College Campus

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TURLOCK -- At Stanislaus State you’ll find posters for roommates, movies and political propaganda. But what you will no longer find is a controversial flier. On Wednesday morning, the president of the college sent out a message to students addressing the flier from the Northern California Anti Racist Action Organization or NoCARA. Students who saw the poster said they saw it at the library.

In the flier, NoCARA accuses Stanislaus State student Nathan Damigo of being a part of a white supremacist group called Identity Evropa.

“I was just concerning (sic) on the safety of the campus. Just knowing that some hateful groups might be on campus,” Edgar Cervantes, a freshman said.

Damigo, along with Identity Evropa, have been sharing their message of white identity at college campuses all over the country, including Sacramento and Berkeley.

“We are aware that there were fliers that were distributed on our campus regarding one of our Stan State students,” said Janice Curtin, the interim vice president of Communications and Public Affairs for the university.

The college said the fliers have been removed from campus, not because of their message, but because they violated the university’s policy that states all postings must include the date posted and should refer to a specific event or date.

“Stanislaus State has an obligation, and really it’s a commitment to uphold the First Amendment,” Curtin explained.

While some said the message is somewhat alarming most students are not overly concerned.

“It’s concerning, but I don’t put too much emphasis on it,” Brenda Vaca said.

FOX40 reached out to Identity Evropa and Damigo on Twitter and on their website. They have not replied.

FOX40 also reached out to NoCARA, the group behind the flier. They also have not returned our emails.