West Sac Mayor Calls Council Candidate “Bat S— Crazy”

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- This political season, the national discourse has been anything but civil, but apparenty personal attacks have trickled down to the local level.
"The choice of language reflects a big bully," West Sacramento City Council candidate Maria Grijalva said Wednesday.

Grijalva is referring to a post by Mayor Christopher Cabaldon on his personal Facebook page. The post, which was sent to FOX40, has since been taken down.

It said in part, “The most aggressive challenger to Babs Sandeen and Quirina Orozco in the city council election decided to make a late appearance at tonight’s city council meeting and went bat s--- crazy.”

“Oh, he was talking about myself,” said Grijalva.

Grijalva says she’s been a vocal opponent of many of the mayor’s policies. At last Wednesday’s city council meeting, Grijalva says she tried to voice her opinion about Bryte Park. However Mayor Cabaldon told her the meeting had already moved past that topic. As Grijalva continued to speak despite having been told she was off topic, Cabaldon cut off her microphone.

According to the West Sacramento city manager, in speaking off topic, Grijalva was in violation of council meeting rules and cutting her microphone was procedure.

However, not long after the meeting, Mayor Cabaldon checked in at West Sacramento City Hall on Facebook with the post.

The post continues by calling a city council candidate “a hot mess of randomness, conspiracies, nonsequiturs [sic], entitlement, and blatant incompetence."

Mayor Cabaldon would not answer FOX40’S questions about the Facebook post saying via text message, “I don’t do media about my private Facebook account or my diary."

The mayor, who is running unopposed for reelection in November, has over 3000 friends on that private account. A spokesperson for the City of West Sacramento says the City of West Sacramento does not comment of the mayor’s private or public social media posts.

Though Grijalva insinuated Calbaldon's comments were sexist, Cabaldon does endorse two female candidates for city council. We reached out of all five city council candidates allowing the them the opportunity to comment on this story. Martha Guerrero declined to comment. The other three Beverly Sandeen, Quirinia Orozco, and Amando Santos did not respond.

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