Calaveras County Working to Remove Thousands of Dead Trees

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CALAVERAS COUNTY -- Storm preparations are underway in Calaveras County. The county says they area is expecting some rain this weekend, and officials are urging homeowners near the Butte Fire burn area to take action.

Up to 9,000 dead trees will soon be gone. The Calaveras County Public Works department told FOX40 they are in the process of removing thousands of dead trees that could topple over if and when the rains arrive this winter.

Earl Seaberg, an engineer with the department said as of Thursday, they are in the process of securing the funding necessary from the Office of Emergency Services and FEMA to move their project forward.

They’re also urging nearby families to prepare.

"Well, we’re sweeping out our gutters and cutting the plants down and just kind of getting ready,” Tim Washington said.

The county also warned families who live in 2015’s burn area -- that’s where dead trees are most likely to fall and cause damage.

For the most part, the county said even though rain might touch down, they’re not expecting a whole lot of it.