Couples Scramble to Find Tents to Protect Weekend Wedding Guests from Rain

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PLYMOUTH -- Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, but not everyone sees it that way.

"When you get a storm come in like this where it's before the wedding, during set up, at the wedding and afterwards, then the brides are going crazy," said Laurie Brunson with Party Smart.

Heavy rains are expected in the region through the next couple of days. After checking out this weekend's forecast, one bride rearranged her Saturday wedding at Rancho Victoria Vineyard in Plymouth.

The ceremony, originally under a muddy oak tree, is now in a grassy area. A tent will protect guests from Mother Nature.

"We didn't have any rain last year being in the drought, I think people forget about the rain," said Cindy Sweigart with Rancho Victoria Vineyard.

Finding a tent this late in the game is lucky, according to Jackson rental company Party Smart.

"There are no tents left, I've had brides call and say they've called seven or eight places well down into Sacramento, Lodi, Stockton, where they're completely out too," said Brunson.

Rancho Victoria Vineyard is in its first year of hosting weddings.

Sweigart said they're learning a lot about prepping for rain. They're planning for a more permanent solution to battle wet weather in the future.

"Eventually since we're just starting, we'd like to cover our reception pad so we're not at the weather's mercy," said Sweigart.