Gun Sales in Sacramento County Increase 406 Percent in Past 15 Years

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SACRAMENTO -- The California Department of Justice reports that Sacramento County leads the state in the increase in gun sales over the past 15 years, growing 406 percent. The guns sold were primarily handguns.

Gun sales throughout the country have risen, especially since President Barack Obama took office and talked about gun buying restrictions.

Mass killings and terrorist attacks involving guns like the one in San Bernardino also can cause sales to spike.

But the high increases in Sacramento County is a bit of a mystery.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones greatly increased the number of concealed weapons permits allowed since he took office in 2010.

Sacramento is also California's capital, where dozens of gun control bills have been debated and many gun buyers say they wanted to buy before guns were outlawed.

But while there have been some high-profile crimes in the area over the years, violent crime has trended downward for many years.

Over the 15 year period, 700,000 guns were sold. That's one gun for every two residents.