Stockton Police: Suspects in Home Invasion Wore Sheriff’s Raid Vests

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STOCKTON -- Stockton Police are investigating a violent home invasion robbery in which they say the suspects wore sheriff's raid vests.

According to Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva, at least four men forced their way into a home on Fox Creek Drive around 6:30 Thursday morning.

Silva said the victims were tied up during the robbery, and one of them was Tased.

According to the Stockton Police Department the home invaders eventually left with an undisclosed amount of cash,  6-8 pounds of marijuana, and a 2008 Toyota Tundra.

The family members declined to talk to the media after the incident clearly still shaken up from what had occurred.

It is unknown where the suspects got there tactical vests with the word 'Sheriff' on them, however FOX40 contacted stores that sell police apparel and all of them said that they do not sell clothing or accessories to civilians that would make them appear as law-enforcement.

"They probably got them online," says Silva.

The suspects, described only as Asian or Hispanic men, left in a dark grey, 2008 Toyota Tundra. The license plate is 8L83847, and it has a camper shell on the back. Silva asks people to call 911 if they see the vehicle, but to keep their distance because the suspects are believed to be armed and dangerous.