Some El Dorado Hills Residents Concerned by Recent Break-Ins

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EL DORADO HILLS -- Lined with beautiful homes and a view to go with it, neighborhoods in El Dorado Hills don't normally invoke fears of crime. Lately though, the serenity for a number of neighbors has faded, as some have been targeted along these quiet streets.

"Lucky that it didn't happen to us, but it's kind of scary that it's happening to our neighbors. People that we know and care about and are actually close to,” said Cody West, who lives in the Ridgeview Neighborhood in El Dorado Hills.

West says neighbors on both sides of his home have been broken into within the past six months.

"You live here for that security, but since there's such nice houses, people are aware that, you know, they probably have expensive valuables,” said West.

"Life can be gone in a heartbeat. This could've been that situation, I'm lucky it wasn't,” said Stan Silva, who lives about a half-mile away from West’s neighborhood.

In September FOX40 spoke exclusively to Silva, who was held at gunpoint while four men robbed him inside his home.

This past weekend, two new reports of break-ins on social media. Many throughout El Dorado Hills neighborhoods have high-tech security systems. Some who spoke to FOX40 off camera had been broken into in the past, and say intruders were scared off by the alarm sounding. Some never reported those incidents to police or sheriff’s deputies.

"We understand that the community is very concerned, but the reality is we're flat on crime here,” said Sgt. Tasha Thompson with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.

Thompson said the numbers don’t lie, burglary and robbery statistics within El Dorado Hills haven't increased in the past two years.

While the sheriff has addressed concerns at community meetings recently, Thompson said the department doesn’t think El Dorado Hills has become a target.

"Our goal is to be transparent with the community and show them the statistics, which we have,” said Thompson.

The department said even one break-in is too many. Neighbors hope the fear of being robbed isn’t the new normal.