California Teachers Campaign for Education Propositions

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SACRAMENTO -- Monday, Oct. 24 is the last day to register to vote in California.

The campaigns are hitting the streets to register and persuade voters.

California Teachers Association members were campaigning statewide Sunday in favor of two education initiatives. Proposition 55 would sustain funding for schools through an extension of the tax on people making over $250,000 a year.

Mike Patterson, a teacher at South Lake Tahoe High School, says if Proposition 55 doesn’t pass, his district would lose 10 percent of their funding.

“Class sizes will go up, programs will go away -- it’s not good for students,” said Patterson.

Opponents of Proposition 55 say it would extend what was supposed to have been a short-term budget fix to a tax increase spanning 18 years.

Proposition 58 would allow bilingual education in public schools, particularly for students who do not speak English as a first language.

Susan Green, an associate professor at Chico State University, believes the current “English only” model used in schools is ineffective.

“When we eliminate that base language, it’s really cruel, it doesn’t work well, it’s not effective and only a handful of students become truly successful in that particular model,” said Green.

Opponents say Proposition 58 would allow for establishing predominately Spanish instruction in schools and would allow students to be taught in another language without their parent’s consent.

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