Family Looking for Answers in Months-Old Sacramento Shooting

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SACRAMENTO -- Two-year-old Shaniya McGough lost her 20-year-old dad, Andre McGough, when bullets from a drive-by shooting hit and killed him in front of his mother's Venuto Way house back on May 31.

"I miss you, daddy," the toddler told FOX40.

"He has someone that really loved him. We miss him, and we want justice for him," his mother Vickie Wilson said.

On Sunday, with his killer still on the loose, Andre's family marched in the neighborhood, holding signs calling for justice and an end to violence, by putting the guns down and spreading the message that life matters.

"Seeing if anyone seen or heard anything that day, because it happened at 3:30 in the daytime," his mother said.

Shortly before the bullets rang out, his daughter and niece were playing in an inflatable pool in the front yard.

Andre tried desperately to grab them before getting hit.

"He was more concerned about the children. And he got hit two times," Wilson said.

The toddlers weren't hurt.

Five months later, no one has been arrested for Andre's death. Family doesn't know why anyone would want to kill him.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is looking for the public's help.

"He didn't deserve what happened to him. He was a sweet boy. He went to church, he was saved," Wilson added.