Davis City Council Votes to Relocate Some Turkeys

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DAVIS -- The Davis city council approved a plan Tuesday night to trap and relocate wild turkeys in town, and to have overly aggressive turkeys "lethally removed."

There are an estimated 80-100 wild turkeys at any given time roaming Davis neighborhoods bordering the city cemetery.

However, the City Wildlife Resources Specialist John McNerney told FOX40 that there have only been two reported turkey attacks in town, and that both of them were provoked by people's behavior near the wild animals.

"But people don't know what their behavior means, maybe, so they reported them as attacks ... in one case a turkey flew up over someone's shoulder to get away and in the process, its wing knocked their glasses off," McNerney said.

The council's plan is to spend over $20,000 in their first year to trap and relocate some of the turkeys, to potentially lethally remove a few, and to educate the public about how to coexist with the remaining turkeys.

McNerney also said the council requested an ordinance Tuesday night that would ban people from feeding the turkeys.

While some neighbors say the turkeys tear up their landscaping, defecate on their property, stop traffic and run toward people in a threatening manner, others say they're peaceful and the plan to remove them is unnecessary.

"I don't want the city to spend a dime of my tax dollars on eradicating these turkeys. I would rather have them give my daughter's math teacher an extra $10,000," Tim Krasnansky said.

McNerney said after the city begins trapping the turkeys, the state wildlife resources officials were legally responsible for relocating them. He said starting that process depended on how fast they could work with the state.

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