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Placer County Animal Services Center Opens

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AUBURN -- Volunteers and staff at the Placer County Animal Services Center made the transfer of dozens of dogs and cats to its new $22 million facility over the weekend.

The state-of-art facility was 16 years in the making with funding being a major concern. But county officials say animals are much calmer than in the outdated facility it replaces, which was built in the early 1970s.

Animal care standards are much higher now and the old facility hampered adoptions because animals were stressed in the over-crowded kennels.

The new center has a health clinic with a surgical suite, a paddock and barn with 10 stalls for large hooved animals, numerous outdoor exercise areas, as well as a large kitchen and laundry area.

Because housekeeping duties like feeding and laundry can now be done much quicker, staff can pay attention to more animals and their needs.

The facility was designed with input from animal care experts and staff who care for the animals. A large classroom/meeting area will also allow animal care partners with the county to gather.