Man Seen on Camera Struggling with RT Officers Speaks Out

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SACRAMENTO -- The man tased by police in a dramatic confrontation at an RT station is speaking out from behind bars.

The clash happened with a man at the 13th Street light rail station. By the end of it all police tased the man, officers were hit in the face, and the man and his girlfriend were arrested. A day later Golden Smith is still trying to wrap his mind around the ordeal.

“I was trying to break free. I wasn’t expecting them to just rush me,” said Smith

The 34-year-old tells FOX40 he was heading to class at Cosumnes River College Wednesday afternoon when he got off RT at 13th. According to Regional Transit Sergeant Norm Leong, officers were checking passenger’s tickets as they exited.

“Mr. Smith was asked for fare, [he] looked at them [and] walked away from them," said Leong.

Smith says he didn’t initially see the officers who tried to check his fare. He said when the officers approached they were hostile.

“I felt something more sinister than trying to throw me in jail,” said Smith.

Leong says it’s possible the officers were in fact agitated.

“In the mindset of the people doing the fare inspection he was trying to avoid getting a citation for not paying fare, ultimately he had fare, but he still walked away from them,” speculated Leong.

By the time Smith showed his paid RT fare police has also found some documentation showing he was on parole. They also tried to get Smith to sign a ticket for failure to stop for police. However, Smith says he wouldn’t sign because he saw no reason he was being cited.

“The officers want to detain him based on the parole and the citation refusing to sign, so when they did go grab him he became physical,” said Leong.

The video does not show what lead up to the altercation but shows Smith struggling with officers while his girlfriend Stacey Bledsoe Tries to intervene. Smith hit the officers in the face according to police.

“I didn’t swing at the officer, I can’t really remember because my adrenaline was going I was scared for my life,” recalled Smith.

Smith told FOX40 he spent his 20s and early 30s in and out of jail and living on the streets. However, he said he was finally getting his live on track and is concerned about his upcoming Monday midterm exams at CRC.

Regional Transit Police are currently investigating the use of force.

One of the injured police officers was able to immediately return to work, however the other was treated at a hospital and has been advised to take a few days off work. Smith says he still has some pain from being tased.