Park Ranger on Leave after Hit and Run

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OROVILLE -- A park ranger based in Oroville is on paid leave tonight after he crashed his patrol vehicle, and then drove away from officers who responded to the scene.

For those who saw it, the scene was hard to process –Oroville Police and the CHP trying to detain a fellow law enforcement officer as he weaves his SUV around their barriers, and drives away from the scene of an accident that he caused.

"It was just hectic. It was going crazy, everybody yelling, wondering what's going on,” Branden Hinton, who was standing across the street from the accident scene.

According to the accident report the man behind the wheel is State Park Ranger Daniel Kenney, based out of the Clay Pit State Rec Area, a few miles from the accident scene.

Hinton recorded this cell phone video after CHP officers say Kinney swerved into oncoming traffic on Oro Dam Boulevard and crashed his patrol SUV into a parked vehicle. The two vehicles together crashed into an electric pole, which split in two and fell into the roadway, causing power outages for more than 1,100 customers.

"There was still smoke and stuff from the tires sliding around or something,” said Hinton, as he got to the scene.

Hinton says witnesses knew something was wrong as Oroville police officers began smashing Kenney's window, yelling for him to get out of his vehicle.

He didn’t listen.

"Drove off and they barely –it didn't seem like they were chasing him just seemed like they were following him,” said Hinton.

Eventually Oroville police stopped Kenney and released him back to state park officials.

They took Kenney to a hospital for an evaluation. State park officials said after the evaluation that Kenney was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

No arrest was made or ticket issued despite his fleeing the scene of an accident.

FOX40 went to Kenney's home to hear the experience from him directly. There were people there, but no one came to the door.

When the ordeal came to an end many witnesses say they just hoped whatever happened, Kenney would end up okay. He is now under administrative leave. CHP officials wouldn’t speak to FOX 40 on camera, but said in a release they're continuing to investigate the incident. Kenney is a K9 officer, and some witnesses say they heard a dog bark from the back of his SUV after the crash.