Professional Volunteers Provide Free Health Services at Cal Expo

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SACRAMENTO -- There are 650 California Care Force volunteers giving free health services to anyone who comes to Cal Expo this Friday through Sunday.

This is the first time the organization has come to Sacramento since 2012.

California Care Force expects 3,000 patients to receive either medical, dental or vision care in the three days.

It costs the organization $100,000 to put on the event. But thanks to volunteers, they are able to provide more than $1 million worth of healthcare services.

It does not matter if the patient does or does not have insurance, if they are undocumented, or if they are homeless.

All of their services are free.

"We believe that right to medical, vision and dental care is an absolute right," Thomas Burley, Volunteer coordinator with California Care Force said.

Ernesto Hayles, 59, came to the clinic after experiencing a terrible toothache.

He was one of hundreds of Veterans who received priority registration Friday morning.

"I have Veteran's healthcare but I don't have dental insurance," Hayles said.

In fact, the last time he got his teeth checked was at another free clinic like this one, four years ago.

If clinics like this did not exist, he said he would have to resort to home remedies.

"Maybe a little bit of brandy on the tooth. Well, I'm old school so that's the way we do things," he laughed.

After getting checked in, getting two X-Rays, and sitting with the Hygienist for 45 minutes, his pearly whites were gleaming.

"I have never gotten my teeth cleaned like that!" Hayles said. "To the sensitive tooth she really took it easy, but she got in there and just took care of business. I don't have a toothache now, so I'm good."

The health clinic continues into Sunday.

To avoid long lines, California Care Force suggests people stop by Cal Expo at 4 p.m. today, to get an assigned appointment for tomorrow.