Tenants, City Fed Up with Conditions at Stockton Apartment Complex

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STOCKTON -- Roaches, leaks and bed bugs -- just a few of the problems tenants at Central Oak Apartments in Stockton say they’ve been dealing with for months.

From bugs to leaks, for Richard Stone his family’s home at the Central Oak Apartments in Stockton has become his family's nightmare.

"I worked to pay bills and pay for a place to stay and then they do this to us and they refuse to give us our deposit back,” Stone said.

Stone told FOX40 he’s asked property management multiple times to get rid of the bugs, the leaks and to make his apartment safer for he and his family but he says nothing has been done.

"They never came, they never sprayed, they never did anything,” he said.

Just days ago, the City of Stockton’s code enforcement served a notice to vacate if changes were not made. We called Central Oak Apartment on Friday and asked if we could get their side of the story. The woman who answered the phone just said “no” then hung up.

As for Stone, he and his wife and their five kids with one on the way, are now living with family instead of their own home.

"They’re just slumlords,” Stone said.

The Stones have told their landlords that they would be moving out within 30 days.

"They’re screwing us and they’re putting us in a place where we can’t you now we have to start all over again,” Stone told FOX40.

The Stone’s want their $700 deposit money back, they fear management with Central Oak will not cooperate.

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