Widow of Man Killed By CHP Officers in North Highlands Speaks Out

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SACRAMENTO -- The man who police shot and killed on Date Avenue in North Highlands Friday is Jason King, according to the Sacramento County Coroner's Office.

Now, his wife is shedding light on what may have led up to the shooting but also raising questions about police’s account of events.

Friday CHP officers confronted Jason King as he walked with a gun in hand near a North Highlands CHP office. King pointed the gun at officers and two CHP officers shot him to death.

That account is according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department who is investigating because the shooting took place in their jurisdiction.

Michelle Morrison-King tells FOX40 she has been separated from her husband King for six years, however, they spoke often about their daughter. She says King struggled with depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

“He was paranoid and would hear things and see things,” said Morrison-King.

She says King called her twice Friday about an hour before his run in with police. However she didn’t get the impression he was having a psychological episode. Still, she said it was common for him to go walking in the area of yesterday’s incident when he was agitated and try to clear his head.

“He kinda would flail his arms and act a little out of sorts, so I can see the police seeing that and thinking that’s a problem,” said Morrison-King.

However what doesn’t sound plausible to her is the gun. Morrison-King tells FOX40 the only gun she knew him to have was a BB gun that is currently in her possession.

A witness who spoke to FOX40 at the scene Friday says he heard police yelling at King to drop the gun, looked outside and saw King point a gun.

“He threw a bunch of 'F bombs' at them [police] as he was turning around he was raising his pistol in the air pointing it at them,” said Ron Waite.

Morrison-King says she wants a video recording to prove what happened.

“I want them to verify that everything happened the way they say,” said Morrison-King.

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