Stranger Saves Choking Baby at Stockton Barnes & Noble

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STOCKTON -- Kimberly Castillo is happy and relieved because if it wasn’t for a stranger, the everyday moments between her and her baby, Gabriel, may have come to an end.

"I was just scared. I really don’t remember anything, I just remember yelling for help and everything seemed like a blur,” Castillo told FOX40.

Castillo said she and her three children were at the Barnes & Noble in Stockton on Sunday when curious 10-month-old Gabriel got his hands on a piece of paper, he began to choke.

"I scream for help and out of nowhere this guy comes and he helped me.”

The stranger helped clear the paper from the infant’s throat. He also helped calm Castillo down.

"Told me, 'he’s going to be fine, to calm down,’ he told me to relax, said 'everything is going to be OK,'" she said.

The Stockton mother said she thanked the man, but in the rush of things, forgot to get his name.

"Ran over to the guy in line, I gave him a hug and thanked him for helping,” she said.

While she’s still a little shaken, her hope now is that she’ll get to thank the stranger once again who saved her son.

"I just want to say that he’s my son’s guardian angel. I’m so glad that he was there to help him,” she said.

She said even though she didn’t get his name, she will forever remember his face. She’s hoping someone out there will know who saved her baby and will help them reconnect.

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