Three Men Arrested in Connection to Deadly Shooting Outside Capitol Casino

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SACRAMENTO -- A beloved baby brother died Sunday as bullets flew outside of Sacramento's Capitol Casino.

"It's just like a horrible  nightmare I really want wake up from.  It just seems like... it doesn't seem real," said Nichelle Broadway

A fight between two groups that had nothing to do with her brother, Nick Broadway, a state staffer who worked under Govs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown,  has left Nichelle struggling with the void she'll now have forever.

"I don't know. It's just going to be hard. He's my baby brother, so he's supposed to be here, us three together," she said.

FOX40 has independently uncovered that it was three brothers together at the Capitol Casino who are now being held responsible for what happened to Nick Broadway.

Police are not releasing any details about those arrested.

"They're still trying to speak with other witnesses that they still haven't had contact with, so when they go to court, that those witnesses don't have a tainted perception or image in their heard about what occurred. So what they're trying to... that's why we're not releasing the photos," said Officer Matt McPhail.

The department is not releasing the suspects' names and neither is FOX40, but we have learned that the brothers accused in Broadway's killing are 30, 28 and 27 years old, that they're from the Northgate area of Sacramento and that the middle brother is charged as the triggerman.

"Our investigators, I know that they are working on looking at to see if there may have been some gang involvement," said McPhail.

FOX40 has also learned that the 27-year-old suspect in this case has been charged with assisting a criminal street gang.

That gang connection may explain why police say two groups started fighting after leaving the casino -- motivating one to pull out a gun -- killing Broadway and leaving a Sacramento officer working security at the casino to try to battle back, firing.

The white truck he ducked behind for cover was riddled with bullets as he took fire, a scenario resulting in an attempted murder charge for the suspected shooter.

"He engaged this suspect and courageously drew this suspect's fire. The suspect was drawn to our officer and our officer certainly went above and beyond what would be expected of any other person," said McPhail.

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