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Sac State President Calls for Kindness and Inclusiveness Following Election

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SACRAMENTO -- Several dozen students gathered on the Sac State Campus Wednesday, reacting to the results of the presidential election.

They participated in a forum inside the campus multi-cultural center and later rallied outside on the quad.

Most came out to protest Donald Trump as president, but some stood in support of the president-elect.

Aside from some brief heated exchanges, the gathering was peaceful.

In light of the election results, Sac State president Robert S. Nelsen composed the following message:

To All Members of the Campus Community:

Like many of you, the results of last night’s election were for me unexpected. I am proud of the diversity and inclusiveness at Sacramento State, and I do not want our ideals and values threatened by this election, regardless of which candidate you supported. I am deeply troubled by much of the rhetoric that has come out of the campaign, and I fear that it has emboldened some to act in hateful and hurtful ways. We must continue to be kind to each other and not let the divisiveness of this election change who we are and what we believe. Our commitment to an inclusive and safe campus must be stronger than ever as we prepare for new leadership in our country.

As a public university, our right of free speech and the right to peacefully protest are protected by the First Amendment. We are a diverse campus, and our opinions and beliefs will often be in conflict. We must create and ensure safe and civil spaces for these opinions to be expressed and debated. I encourage you to listen, participate, and engage in these exchanges of ideas and perspectives. Despite our differences, we are still a Hornet Family, and we will always be strongest when we work together. We must honor each other and stand in solidarity with the members of our community who feel afraid, unsafe, or threatened. While many of us may feel uncertain about what may come, I can assure you that the University will be here to listen and offer support.

For those of you who may need additional support during this time, I encourage you to use the services and resources below.

Students should visit our Counseling Services at The WELL or contact them at 916-278-6461. We have counselors ready to help.

Faculty and staff should contact our University Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 1-800-367-7474 or online at

Information on how to identify and assist students in distress may be found on the Red Folder website, or you can find information for downloading an app for mobile devices here.

As President Obama noted this morning, “We’re not Democrats first. We're not Republicans first. We are Americans first.” And as I said above, we are also a Hornet Family, and we will not let this election divide us or impede the important work that we are doing at Sacramento State to ensure that our University is welcoming and inclusive for all.


Robert S. Nelsen