UC Davis Students Protest Trump Victory

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DAVIS -- Shortly after Donald Trump was announced president elect hundreds of students at UC Davis took to the campus and surrounding streets in protest.

Estimates put the number around 400 students that marched and chanted anti-Trump slogans for a couple of hours until about 2:30 Wednesday morning.

Freshman Valerie Moreno says she started it all while watching the election.

"I was just outraged so I went onto our schools freshman Facebook page to try to get others to join me," Moreno said.

The protesters marched on and off campus including in the intersection of streets, however campus police says it was all peaceful and eventually the crowd dispersed around 2:30 Wednesday morning.

When FOX40 talked to students on campus Wednesday many of them echoed the same word as to why they were upset - shock.

"I think, in California, we're in this bubble. We don't see the larger picture across the rest of the nation. I don't think we all relate to the average person maybe," student Aaron Millstein said.

Not all students we spoke with were upset about the outcome of the presidential election.

"I didn't vote and I'm happy how it turned out I think things happen for reason," student Gregory Rubald told FOX40.

Similar protests played out at other college campuses around the nation.